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Was very honoured to once again be selected to judge our Professional Photographers of Canada 2023 Image Salon this year, as well as attend our first Convention in Canmore, AB since Covid began.  It was wonderful to see so many faces in real-time and have the opportunity to mingle among colleagues and friends again.  It was here in Canmore, that I received my Master of Photographic Arts Second Bar II live on stage, whereas before I received it virtually in 2020.   

In 2021 I received an accepted image through the Professional Photographers of Canada Saskatchewan, in the commercial food category.  I've also been fortunate to do some retouching for the lovely wedding photographer Katia Paposoff located in Halifax, NS


So very proud and honoured to have received the prestigious designation of

Master of Photographic Arts Second Bar II.  It was presented at the #PPOC Association's annual Award Gala, which took place Saturday, April 25th, 2020, as a Virtual Gala in compliance with our current national state of self-isolation during Covid-19 in means to try and #flattenthecurve 

A little background history of myself...

Received my Diploma in Applied Photography in 2001 through SIAST in Regina, SK.  While in the program, earned a fully funded internship to Bangkok, Thailand in 2000.  This lead to the image creation of  "Weaved Fortunes", for which I had the honor of winning the "PPOC & PPOC-SK Best In Class Student Awards".  Since then, I've had the fortune of winning over twenty commercial awards as well as being Accredited through the Professional Photographers of Canada and the Professional Photographers of Canada-Saskatchewan. 


Honored in 2007 to win "Specialist of the Year" through PPOC-SK as well as became Accredited in "Digital Manipulation" through PPOC


In 2009 received my Craftsman of Photographic Arts Award which allowed me in 2012 to judge our PPOC-SK/MB Regional Image Salon in Saskatoon, SK.  2013 judged our PPOC-SK/MB Regional Image Salon in Winnipeg, MB.  Plus in 2013 I became Accredited in "Animal" Photography. 

2015 was an amazing year, receiving my "Masters of Photographic Arts Award" at our PPOC Awards Banquet in Niagara Falls as well was honoured to judge @ our PPOC National Image Salon in Vancouver, BC, as well as Accreditation judge at our National Convention in Niagara Falls, Ont.

In 2016 I became Accredited in "Fine Art/Photo Decor" as well as "Nature" Photography, & was again honoured to judge @ our PPOC National Image Salon in Vancouver, BC as well as judge our PPOC-SK/MB Regional Image Salon in Regina, SK.


Was with great honor in 2017, to be a finalist on Team Canada and represent our great country.  "Heavenly Design" was selected to represent Team Canada at the 2017 World Photographic Cup.   As well in 2017, "Pristine White Petal Tip" was selected for inclusion in the prestigious Professional Photographers of Canada's 2017 Loan Collection; a national exhibition celebrating the best of Canadian professional photography


Grateful to have also received my Accreditation in "Night Photography" through PPOC and to win Best in Press Award with "Top Gun" in 2017 through PPOC-SK.  It was also an honor to receive my Saskatchewan Fellowship Award and to take on the responsibility of becoming Treasure on the PPOC-SK Board of Directors.

In 2018, I was pleased to announce that "Pristine White Petal Tipwas chosen as a finalist for representing 2018 Team Canada World Photographic Cup.  

Equally blessed to judge @ our PPOC National Image Salon in Woodstock, Ont, as well as be awarded my "Masters of Photographic Arts "1st Bar" in Richmond, BC @ our National PPOC Convention.  Later in the fall, was privileged again to judge at our PPOC Accreditation in Edmonton, as well as judge our PPOC-SK/MB Regional Image Salon in Saskatoon, SK.

2019 became Accredited in "Botanical" Photography.  Was again blessed to judge both our PPOC National Image Salon in Woodstock, Ont as well as our PPOC-SK/MB regional Image Salon in Winnipeg, MB.


It is always such a privilege to be asked to judge with the Professional Photographers of Canada, National Image Salon, Regional Image Salons and Accreditations. 

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